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A visit to ARMY Equipment Display : Saturday 18 th January 2020 : Report

All students were picked up as usual by school buses and gathered at HAP International School, N5- CIDCO, branch.Students from CIDCO branch also joined and all together 192 students along with teachers and other staff started for Chawani-Army cantonment area at 9.20 am All reached there and divided into two groups and visited all the stalls displayed by the Army 1. First stall was, “ARMY RECRUITING OFFICE, AURANGABAD” providing information about the qualifications required to pursue career in Indian army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force 2. Second stall was a mobile hospital, a facility for the injured/ sick army-men. The same van is used as dispensary, hospital and also operation theatre 3. Third was, 130 MM M 46 Gun which has a firing range of 27-30 km and 8450 kg weight 4. Forth was, BEML TATRA 6x6 vehicle, is a vehicle which can carry the above heavy weight guns. The vehicle has total 12 tyres which enables it to run on any type of soil 5. Fifth was, HMV with MHC BS-III, which is High mobility vehicle with Material handling crane, this vehicle has a crane which can be used for loading and unloading. It also has rope to pull /toe the other vehicle. It has special device to fill air in tyres with which driver can fill air from his cabin 6. Sixth stall was about the information about the Kargil war. An army-man explained the war locations through maps. Also gave the details about the reasons for the war. Methodology was question-answer type and conveyed the information in an interesting way. 7. Seventh was, RECC warriors, RECC is an abbreviation of reconnaissance Patrol, Is a vehicle operated by small (about 3 members) crew who recce (reki) an area. Members wear camouflage type, Ghillie suit to hide from enemy. Need to carry materials which help them to survive for 1-2 days.Have their own GPS system/ walky talky. Maps, compass, multipurpose shovel etc 8. Eight was, MSL Sight 9W119M1, a device which work in day light as well as in night to locate the target. Gives magnification 10 times. 9. Ninth was 9M113 KONKURS MSL, is a missile with minimum of 75 meter to 2maximum of 4000 meter range. This missile destroys all living creatures in the area of 50 km around the spot where it has been bombarded. And injures in the periphery about 250 Km. 10. Tenth was, MRG, Mild steel Mobile Ramp Girder. This is a portable ramp (Inclined plane) used to load the vehicles and other materials in railway coaches 11. The eleventh was HHTI, Hand Held Thermal Imager, which captures the heat of any object (living and nonliving) and makes the figures out of it. It works for 2 hrs. Speciality of this device is, it wont emit any light hence user can not be seen by the enemy. 12. The twelfth was TI-IOE, Thermal Imaging Integrated Equipment. This also works on the same principal as HHTI but more advanced. TI-IOE can work in day light as well as in dark. Also it can captures objects located at longer distance. It works for 10 hrs. 13. Thirteenth was 5.56 MM INSAS RIFLE, used by the individual soldier. With this, one can fire 20 rounds with the range of 400 meters. 14. Fourteen was, LMG, 7.62 MM Light Machine Gun . This is made in India. It has a stand to be fixed in soil and is heavy in weight. With this one can fire 30 rounds with the range of 1000 yards. 15. Fifteenth was, Marathwada Ecological Terriers. These army mans are protecting not only India but whole earth. They carryout Afforestation in degraded and challenging areas. They also involve the students of 8th and 9th standard in this activity. The concerned person for Aurangabad is Mr. Vishnu Badhe Sir , his Mobile number is 7057039293. We can contact him in the month of June and can join the afforestation activity. In the centre of the ground music group was playing the Patriotic songs. Our teacher, Mrs. Archana Wankhede also sung few songs and got felicitated by Army and received the Momento. Kunal Sir accompany her on keyboard. Students received snacks and enjoyed it. All students were enthusiastic about the army weapons and instruments. Resolving their queries from the instructors present on all stalls. Three hours all were with army people, on army ground and also with army discipline. The field trip was very much fruitful and stimulated students to think about many aspects like physics, health, body language, environment, discipline, cleanliness and many more. Thanks HAP International School for giving us such opportunity .

1/19/2020 12:00:00 AM